Our Mission

To provide the tools necessary to empower chemically dependent men and women to live a vibrant life free of drugs and alcohol.

With compassion and understanding, our residents are not alone in the struggle against addiction. We provide an environment that allows our residents the safe and secure surroundings needed to support their sobriety. Through this support, a transformation takes place, improving their relationships with others, and most importantly, themselves.

“ Wow! What a home… The only thing missing is Mom’s cooking. A home where the people care about your program and future in recovery without adding more stress in your efforts to succeed. ”
-Lawrence S

At Recovery NOW, we believe chemical dependency is a disease. Like any disease without a cure, long-term support and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance.

We have found that newly sober individuals have a greater chance of maintaining their sobriety when they are in a structured environment. We provide that environment for men and women determined to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle. It starts with simple things like a home that is nicely appointed, comfortable and cared for at a high level of standards. Our transitional living homes are set up as familial residences, providing each resident with a sense of family and community. It is our belief that a newly recovering individual should never have to worry about the environment in which they live.

Most importantly, there are no exceptions regarding the ongoing sobriety of our residents. We have a zero tolerance policy that is strictly adhered to. Recovery NOW offers transitional living homes for men and women who are serious about recovery and are determined to build a strong foundation for permanent recovery.

Our number one goal is to provide a safe place for residents to break free from the hold that alcohol and drugs have put on their lives.

Mr. Rick Wheeler:

Mr. Wheeler is a certified LAADDAC counselor and the CEO of Recovery Now Transitional Living, overseeing houses in Roseville and Sacramento. Working in the recovery field since June 2005, he holds two A.A. degrees from American River College; Chemical Dependency and Human Resources. He was an AOD counselor for Treatment Center from 2005 to 2010. He started Recovery Now Transitional Living in August 2007. Mr Weeler saw a big need for structured sober living homes with a zero tolerance policy. He started one home and now has seven with a total of 51 beds available for adult men and women that want to build a strong foundation of recovery. Mr Wheeler got into recovery due to a nudge from a Sacramento Superior Court Judge as he was facing 25 years in prison; instead he was allowed to go to Progress House for a 90-day treatment program. This was the turning point in his life. He had already served 6 prison terms and thought for sure he would end up in prison again. He has spent a total of ten years behind prison walls. Two terms were served locally; here at Folsom Prison. Fortunately, that’s not how his story ended.

Treatment worked! He was also court-ordered into transitional living for 1 year. It was while he was in the SLE that he really got to build a solid foundation for his recovery. At this time he went back to college and got his degrees; he started working at a treatment center. Mr. Wheeler has a passion for helping people in recovery who want to get their lives back and for family reunification. Mr. Wheeler is a hands-on kind of guy, as he still hosts all the house meetings every Thursday morning at Recovery Now. He checks-in with residents to ensure that they are working a program of recovery and letting them know that they are not alone. That it is a WE program, and that we do recover! Rick is an active member of AA and attends meetings on a regular basis; he leads by example. Yes, recovery does work for the ones that work for it! I have been clean and sober since January 20, 2005, by the Grace of God and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.