As I looked around for transitional housing, Recovery NOW offered everything I was looking for—a good location, newly constructed, all new amenities, landscaped grounds and the feeling of home at an affordable rent. Recovery NOW allows me the opportunity to focus on my recovery in a friendly, family-like sober living environment."

Troy W.

Wow! What a home…the only thing missing is Mom’s cooking. A home where the people care about your program and future in recovery without adding more stress in your efforts to succeed.” “Your sobriety is the goal which will save your soul. My experience in this fellowship brings me great gratitude and was totally unexpected during my time of need in recovery.”

Lawrence S.

I have lived in three clean and sober homes before Recovery NOW. My experiences with the previous houses were not very pleasant. I never felt safe in any of those places. Recovery NOW is completely different. It offers a safe, clean and stable environment. I get along great with everyone and we are all working solid programs. If I need to talk, someone is always there so there is a sense of fellowship as well. I would recommend this home to anyone looking for a comfortable fresh start. And there are meetings all day just down the street.”

John D. P.

After living at two previous sober living environments, I can honestly say Recovery NOW is far superior. Besides it being brand new and nicely furnished, it is an environment promoting a healthy, substance-free lifestyle. We are accountable to ourselves and each other and are all actively working a program of recovery. I highly recommend Recovery NOW to anyone who is serious about staying clean and sober.”


I came to this transitional house directly from 90 days in a recovery home. I wanted to reside in a clean and sober environment with other recovery people. I have found that here. The management of this house is far beyond my expectations. The comfortable living conditions and accommodations are the finest over other houses many of my friends live in.”

Don C.

Recovery NOW is a great place to call home for however much time you need. It is an extremely safe environment where I have learned how to be responsible. I have made many great friendships living here. I always have someone to talk to about my difficulties in recovery and they actually understand what I am going through. If you have a desire to stay sober, I highly recommend Recovery NOW to give yourself the structure and chance at life that you deserve.”

Kurt H.

For all those searching for a place to get back on your feet while recovering from chemical addiction I highly recommend Rick Wheeler’s sober living Recovery Now. I stayed there right after my inpatient rehab and while there I was made safe, comfortable and was placed in a very conducive environment where I could focus on the next chapter in my life. 26 months sober now and owe a ton of thanks to Rick and Recovery Now.

Steve S.

I can't believe I was there a whole year. Moving this weekend, out on my own, was bitter sweet. I was at Recovery Now for a short stay in 2012. I came back in March of 2018 after being in rehab for 4 months. I chose Recovery Now because I knew it provided me a clean safe living environment. I needed that as I tried to navigate my way back into the world. This time I was at Recovery Now for a year. It was a good run. I met wonderful ladies who have become like family. We bonded and we grew and we bickered but we stayed sober. I was able to get my Drivers License back, get a car, a job, restore some relationships, build some self esteem, regain some life skills and make great friends. My time at Recovery Now has been priceless. I couldnt have afforded not to afford it. Thank you for my foundation and the care and concern I received. It's time to be a big girl now. I think I can make it. 🙏🙏🙏

Janean B.

After a year long run of heavy drinking and a scary trip to the ICU that almost took my life,i was broken,my body and mind was completely gone like never before,i knew i needed help,my DAD found RECOVERY NOW and met RICK and took a tour while i was still in the ICU, my dad came back and gave me the thumbs up,the houses vary nice inside and out super clean and the 5th street Alano Club is only 2 blocks away,so if you want to get your life back together this is the place to be.

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